Our team is led by Alfred, who meets with every client and oversees every job personally. He's loves being outside, getting involved in the dirt and seriously stuck into each project. All that mud is hell on our carpets, but it's a small sacrifice for doing what he loves most!

Alfred has years of experience working the land and moulding it into something beautiful. He began his journey in Suffolk over twelve years ago where he learned his craft and grew the skills he needed to build gardens and shape open spaces that could be enjoyed season after season. 

He is now dedicated to bringing his knowledge, skills and artistry to AG Landscapes & Gardens and our clients.  


Gavin joined our team earlier this year and we're incredibly proud and excited to have such a talented addition to AG Landscapes & Gardens.

Like Alfred, he's happiest when he's transforming outdoor spaces and joins us with a wealth of experience. Gavin's friendly nature, eye for detail and perfection make him an awesome addition to our small team as Alfred's right hand man.


Finn has been with us for two years and his enthusiasm for all aspects of his work shines through.

He benefits from a quick sense of humour and friendly disposition. In his spare time, he's a talented artist and loves a good game of ruby!  We are incredibly lucky to have such a valuable member of the team with AG Landscapes & Gardens.


Jess organises and handles all of our back office administration and support and is generally the main point of contact for clients. She also makes sure that the troops are well fed on biscuits and tea.

If you have a project that needs booking in then she will be the one to make sure it's confirmed in the diary. She can also arrange for Alfred to drop by for a preliminary visit to assess the works you need carried out.