Our services include

(but are not limited to...)

  • Patios, paving, paths & concreting
  • Artifical Turf
  • Fencing, decking & pagodas
  • Turfing, lawns and lawn care
  • Resin Bound Driveways & Pathways
  • Autumn & Winter services
  • Garden clearance & services
  • Maintenance
  • Hard landscaping
  • Projects

Take a look at our gallery for examples of our work and below for a brief description of services provided!

Patios, paving, paths & concreting

Working with a range of different materials, we can find the right paving options to suit you and compliment your garden. 

Artificial Turf

We are trained installers of artifical turf and lawn. We can help you choose the best turf to suit your needs and budget. 

Fencing, decking & pagodas

We can install your choice of fencing and decking, or spruce up existing structures so that they are given a new lease of life and resist further decay. 

Lawns & lawn care

We can clear and level your open space and lay new turf. We can help you care for your newly laid lawn so that it flourishes.

Garden clearance & services

We can help clear unwanted garden waste and maintain your garden. Perhaps you need someone to do some digging, paint the fence, cut the hedgerows, mow, weed or rotavate, repoint or lay your patio, build a compost heap or just clear the clutter from the end of the garden so that you release it's potential? No problem! We understand that it's often the little jobs that can make the biggest difference. 

Hard Landscaping

Perhaps you need a blank canvas with which to work and want that eye sore of an old patio broken up or a sizeable amount of earth and hardcore shifted. We can help make the big jobs less of a chore.  


From kitchen gardens with raised beds and easy wheelbarrow access to larger schemes, give us a call to talk through the projects you've always wanted to engage with and we'll give you an honest assessment of the possibilities and scope of budget. 

Autumn & Winter checklist

Tending to your garden is a year round endeavour and at AG Landscapes & Gardens we believe that Autumn & Winter can be just as busy as the summer months. It's the perfect time to prepare the garden for the year ahead, ensure it's well protected from the cold and damp and that it retains all the goodness it's soaked up during the warmer season. 

Here's a little checklist of some jobs that are brilliantly suited to the colder season:

- In cold, brighter spells, lay paving or paths

- Construct & repaire any wooden structures

- Clear away any dead climbing material from any structures around the garden

- Prepare lawns and sites for Spring turfing (from January onwards)

- Keeping drains and guttering clear of leaves to prevent blockages and drainage overflow

- General garden clearance

- Insulate the greenhouse to prevent any water or frost damage

- Dig over the soil to keep it oxegenated and fertile

- Prune shrubs

- Plant natual food for local wildlife such as yew, holly, hawthorn or blackthorn

- Replenish the log pile for hibernating wildlife or build a hedgehog home

- Keep the lawns tended and rake away any fallen leaves

- Maintain irrigation - plants that are well rooted will be more likely to successfully survive the winter